Dance With The Dark Moon

Pepper Peach

2.00 (1 vote)

(This is first half of this song) warning : this chart is so wtf. plz adjust your callibrate carefully

# Level No. of notes
Hard 8 468

Illustration by sinoze

Chart by ARTzumaru

Last updated on April 26, 2018

Tags  sinoze pepper peach


# Player R score R acc. Max. combo Perfect Great Good Bad Miss Time
1 cinamyn 941840 92.82% 192 392 52 20 2 2 04/26/2018 04:56


cinamyn 04/26/2018 04:29

If you work on the note placement this could easily be a 4 star chart. As a player it is very difficult to see overlapping notes, and have so many Jacks for no reason. Consider joining the Cytoid discord and players can help you play test and provide feedback before uploading :)

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