Frequently Asked Questions

Q: The notes seem off with the music...

A: You can manually adjust chart offset in the Options screen. If you feel like the notes appear too early, you should set higher the chart offset; vice versa!

Q: How to import levels into Cytoid?

A: You should be able to open the .cytoidlevel file just by tapping on it. However, this might not work on certain Android devices! Try the following if it didn't work for you:

  1. Navigate to the Downloads folder using any file manager and open the .cytoidlevel file. Cytoid should be automatically opened and installing the level.
  2. Otherwise, move the .cytoidlevel file into the Cytoid folder. Just like the Downloads folder, it is located at the uppermost directory of your storage. Open Cytoid and the level will be installed!

Q: The game welcomes me with a blackscreen, I can only see the buttons. And there are errors! What's wrong with this game!?

A: Unfortunately, the built-in level, known as Glow Dance, cannot properly loads on some Android devices. But that's okay - downloading & importing levels from this site still works! For instance, you can download Glow Dance here.

Q: After importing levels into Cytoid, errors pop up everywhere and I can't play the game anymore!

A: There's a problem with the level you just imported, so remove the level folder and you will be fine. On Android, use any file browser to navigate to the Cytoid folder to manage your levels; if you are using an iDevice, connect it to iTunes, navigate to "Apps" -> "File Sharing" and select Cytoid, you'll be able to manage the level files on the right file browser column.

Q: I want to support Cytoid's development!

A: Nice! Do any of the following (well you can do more than one) and I would be greatly appreciated (*´▽`*)

If you want to join Cytoid's development, please let me know!

Q: I have a question/request!

A: Great! Send it to [email protected] and I'll try to help! :)