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  • snowflake -exquisite style-

    • Pack: Cy7 Days of Christmas: Advent Of A Frozen World (cy7advent) (Day 5/7)

Made by Brick

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This part of town was especially run-down, and parking spots were terribly rare. Nevertheless, Rene and her family got lucky with one just two blocks away from their destination - a restaurant on its way out of business, owned by a friend of Gilbert’s.

This visit was more because of pity rather than because the food was good (it was average at best).

Rene had long suspected that the owner did not have a suitably entrepreneurial mind.

As the family alighted, each person was assigned a bag, inside which contained a gift for someone outside the family. As they rounded a street corner, they were stopped by a woman claiming to be a volunteer.

“Hey there! God be with you! Would you donate some money to our charity? We’re trying to open a shelter for homeless people so we need your help!”

In response, everyone put two dollars into the collection box the woman held out.

“This little? Come on, you can do better, look at all the gifts you have!”

Mary was looking a tad uneasy, acquiescing after a brief moment of inner struggle. She opened her purse to liberate a twenty-dollar bill, but was stopped by Rene before she could put it in.

“What are you doing?! This is for a good cause you bitch!” The woman with the collection box lashed out as Gilbert shielded Ryan and Rhett - reasonably quite scared - behind him.

“Doing the right thing,” Rene calmly stated.

She decided that the woman must be interrogated.

“How much of these donations go to the people who need it? How much do your higher-ups take? Why do your shelters kick out gay and trans people? Why are there so many rape accusations?”

Sparing not a single moment, Rene answered her own questions.

“You say you’re Christian so that means you can ignore the gays and trans. You don’t vet your staff so there are paedophiles working with you. But that doesn’t mean much because I know only about 10 per cent of the money in this box actually go to help people.


As the woman ran off, doubtless to scam others who did not know better, Rene made attempts to calm down her mother, who was in a fit of hysterics.

“I promise, when we sit down I’ll send you some articles. These people aren’t worth our time - we only donate to get them off our tails.”

Gilbert stepped in, and broke up the arguing women. He signaled at Rene to be quiet, or attempt to be, for the night.

“We’ll talk about this later, okay?”


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