snow storm -euphoria-

  • snow storm -euphoria-
  • Pack: Cy7 Days Of Christmas III: Deluxe Edition (cy7christmas) (Day 4/7)

i like yooh? more like, i like you :floshed:

Made by Brick

BPM: 89-180

  • clearly trills are the most interesting patterns

“Hammer, bogey on your 6!”

Hearing this warning, Magnus narrowly dodged a snowball as he slinked behind a piece of cover - a wall made of planks. Fearing that the opposition would give chase, he immediately scooped up a handful of snow, prepared to lob it around the corner, but chatter revealed that his teammate was ready to defend him.

“Furnace, now!”

Silently, Magnus thanked his saviours, but he had no time to waste. A peek round the corner confirmed that his pursuer, having been struck, had the lights on his vest turned off and had to run all the way back to home base to reactivate them.

Now that the playing field was 3 vs 2 in favour of Blue, Magnus took the opportunity to make just two snowballs, preferring the agility in carrying less over the ability to pressure with more ammunition.

“Hammer, target at 7 o’clock, pinch with Anvil.”

How poetic.

Promptly, Magnus ran to the left, and there the red lights were as promised, easily netting Blue another point.

“Hammer and Anvil, you’re being pinched!”

Red Team had set up one of their members as bait, and with this trap, gained a profit of one point, and before Blue could even begin to react, the sound of a horn being blown signalled the end of the game.


“Should’ve seen the pincer. Sorry for leading you into a trap, Alex.”

“No one saw it coming, Lina.”

“Oh, just lighten up!” exclaimed Veronica, “We’re throwing goddamn snowballs with spotters and callsigns!”


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