2nd CCC Collection

The charts of the 2nd CCC.


The charts of the 2nd CCC.
Cytoid Cthulhu Championship, known as CCC, is a tournament organized by the Chinese Cytoid community.
Organizers: Fatima. k310, 239(fumiko)
Supporter: 龙鸣居士
Chart Designers: He2O3(Helium), IV(ECIC1), Triquinacene, Rnk0u, YY(yyao), 239(fumiko), ldh2004(去无回), geswat, Simon, ysc(yang_sc), Kr(497krypton), cannikin, Helamind_CW, Nosteind

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10/17/2020, over 3 years ago

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08/22/2020, over 3 years ago


fumiko, yyao