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10 days ago

Pixel Contest Results

We modern now bois

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1 month ago

Charting Contest #09 - Pixel

The ninth Cytoid Charting Contest

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2 months ago

The Cytoid Awards 2018 - Final Results!

Cytoid Awards 2018

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2 months ago

Clash Contest Results

The Clash of the Gods has concluded

Latest levels
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9 minutes ago

S³. Kiryu

S³ short ver.

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30 minutes ago

HypnotControl Feryquitous

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5 hours ago

Orbital Revolution Xacla

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10 hours ago

WARZ0NE Sakuzyo

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12 hours ago

新闻联播片头曲 孟卫东

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21 hours ago

positive dance "Final RAVE" cranky

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1 day ago

Magicatz Sakuzyo

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1 day ago

メルヘル小惑星 ナナヲアカリ

Meruheru Shōwakusei

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1 day ago

カワキヲアメク(TV size) 美波


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1 day ago


Latest ranks
celestial  ranked #326 on Intro AA
tento  ranked #1 on 双龍飛閃-Dual Dragoon- SSS
yuhaolx  ranked #19 on Fracture Ray (pt. St-Zy) F
timothy20030309  ranked #78 on 改革春风吹满地 D
twbnb  ranked #355 on Ecstatic F
tento  ranked #1 on 双龍飛閃-Dual Dragoon- SSS
timothy20030309  ranked #80 on 改革春风吹满地 F
surisen  ranked #19 on 望影の方舟Six AA
father  ranked #13 on Nameless Story (TV Size) B
tento  ranked #1 on 双龍飛閃-Dual Dragoon- SSS
Latest comments
thanawat samranlum : "I planned to chart this...." @ メルヘル小惑星
ehh-421 : "WATASHI WA NUMBA WAN!!!" @ 私は No.1!
luna flina : "this song appears in Overrapid before Dynamix so why only tag Dynamix" @ Hatsukoi Memories
kest : "borksad" @ VS. マスターコア
kest : "Legendary chart" @ Intro
fizzest : "uwu" @ 狂気の瞳 ~ Invisible Full Moon
caleb hh : "Thanks, now the firewall at school won’t let me on this site anymore, thanks :|" @ Bitch Lasagna
caleb hh : "Can you do “Bring it on - Giga” Next?" @ Sadistic.Music∞Factory
tigerhix : "inb4 level of the month" @ 8bit Adventurer
drkswngr666 : "5⭐️'s for what's there so far...can't wait to play finished chart🎵 ✨👁🍄👁✨" @ Corrupted

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