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2 days ago

Spring into Cytoid 2.O

Cytoid 2.O Event

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10 days ago

Cytoid on Android

Regarding the Playstore and download link for Android users

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14 days ago

Resolution of Rayark's Statement

Rayark's Response

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17 days ago

Important News

We have removed some levels per Rayark's request.

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1 hour ago

I Don't Need Any Titles To This Song! Foreground Eclipse

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2 hours ago

Your Reality(Remix) CG5

DokiDoki Literature Club

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2 hours ago


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2 hours ago

ヤンデレのハードコアに死ぬほど略 Kobaryo

Absolutely enough to die in the hardcore of Yandere

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5 hours ago

Sharkbait ryhki

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23 hours ago

Black Territory DJ Myosuke

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1 day ago

ALiCE seibin

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3 days ago

初音ミクの消失 [email protected]暴走P

The End of Hatsune Miku

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3 days ago

Terpsichore Jun Kuroda

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5 days ago

Grenade sky_delta

Latest ranks
touyen_07-10  ranked #24 on Tulala Story F
komeiji_koishi  ranked #5 on Flashdance D
zilliax  ranked #7 on Satisfiction A
rrrrtgz  ranked #4 on 初音ミクの消失 D
mmp666  ranked #530 on Intro F
tonymin  ranked #24 on Androgynos -1st Phase- A
animenightcore  ranked #6 on Zephyros B
zilliax  ranked #15 on Satisfiction F
touyen_07-10  ranked #979 on Intro B
duoge226119  ranked #7 on Black Tulip AA
Latest comments
howpassthisuse : "I like yandere owo." @ ヤンデレのハードコアに死ぬほど略
howpassthisuse : "Look at the requirements... surprise means storyboard fool means speed changes kill / smack means forced no-fc or no-mm It will be intense for my tablet huehue." @ Spring into Cytoid 2.O
ngspeedy : "A troll chart i assume" @ Spring into Cytoid 2.O
慕斯 : "Thanks, I'll join in later!" @ The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku
jake musumeci : "Kyra, please join the Cytoid discord We need to talk! My name is Cinamyn btw!" @ The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku
howtopassthisuse : "smacking players.... I ain't Sadist but ok. :69gaugerate:" @ Spring into Cytoid 2.O
mekko : ":thynk:" @ Spring into Cytoid 2.O
anthony fillipo : ":thynk:" @ Spring into Cytoid 2.O
テント(tento) : ":thynk:" @ Spring into Cytoid 2.O

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