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16 days ago

Thank you for playing!

The Halloween event is now officially over!

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17 days ago

Happy Hallowe��!

Also, �he 1.5.1 updat� is h�re!

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28 days ago

Charting Contest #08 - Clash

The eighth Cytoid Charting Contest

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1 month ago

Inspiration Contest Results Revealed!

With 30 entries this time, who will win?

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46 minutes ago

無人区-Vacuum Track#ADD8E6- NoKANY

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1 hour ago

Unlift Final Tunes

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4 hours ago

R.I.P. eicateve

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6 hours ago

Ukakuf Kins t+pazolite feat. nanahira

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6 hours ago

花と、雪と、ドラムンベース。 kanone feat. せんざい

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11 hours ago

R.I.P eicateve

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1 day ago

Finite Sta

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1 day ago

あの森で待ってる - (tamame's The Promise Kiss ver.) tamame

Ano Mori de Matteru - (tamame's The Promise Kiss ver.)

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2 days ago

furioso melodia (2017 vip) gmtn.

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2 days ago

CR ex2: Disappeared Dispair Verdammt

Latest ranks
mukkuru  ranked #4 on [A]ddiction C
rballance  ranked #1 on R.I.P. SS
hanako  ranked #6 on R.I.P. D
exrent233  ranked #1 on Unlift SS
___  ranked #63 on Intro SS
___  ranked #30 on Sky AA
bernkastel  ranked #2 on R.I.P SS
1921459307  ranked #10 on Neurotoxin A
1921459307  ranked #3 on Tower Light Fireworks F
1921459307  ranked #13 on Neurotoxin B
Latest comments
zariq : "hentai baka :hakaseangery:" @ NO NIGHT MORE SOUL!
fizzest : "if you diss lolicons ever again I'll hit you with a massive hakase" @ NO NIGHT MORE SOUL!
zariq : "~~lolicon~~" @ NO NIGHT MORE SOUL!
mekko : "begone" @ Cross†Revolution
jake musumeci : "die bitches" @ Cross†Revolution
fizzest : "how could he!" @ Cross†Revolution
zariq : "punai punai" @ プナイプナイせんそう
zariq : "hyun is fucking selfish" @ Cross†Revolution
fwapy : "oof" @ Ebony-I
misterpear : "ow." @ Ebony-I

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