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Rock Contest Results

Nobody Expected This!

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Reminder about uploading Rayark-related content

Songs, artwork, and other assets used in Rayark games may not be uploaded to

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Charting Contest #11 - Rock

The eleventh Cytoid Charting Contest

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Epic Contest Results

Number 1 and 2 Will... Amaze you!

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1 hour ago

Generator Teikyou

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2 hours ago

Vindication Laur

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2 hours ago

Hit the Floor Katana_Zero

Hit the Floor

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12 hours ago

Retaliation Juggernaut.

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16 hours ago

Altersist void

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19 hours ago

言の葉クリニック 鎖那

Kotonoha Clinic

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20 hours ago

Realms Hinkik/A Himitsu

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20 hours ago

狂響のフォーチュネットポルカ 森羅万象

Kyoukyou no Fortunate Polka

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23 hours ago

Dharma Massive New Krew

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1 day ago

Cat Life GTK

Cat Life

Latest ranks
kagari  ranked #15 on World Vanquisher C
kagari  ranked #17 on World Vanquisher B
kagari  ranked #31 on ベィスドロップ・フリークス B
shengmeng  ranked #1209 on Glow Dance F
if879  ranked #68 on Glow Dance AA
if879  ranked #301 on Intro B
aleaxron  ranked #59 on Overkill F
kai0619  ranked #1 on Generator A
shengmeng  ranked #1708 on Ecstatic F
kai0619  ranked #1 on Generator B
Latest comments
tigerhix : "Pray for Kyoani. ❤️ 🕯" @ だんご大家族
teages deng : "Yes.It has some overlap notes.And some note was place on the top or under of the screen.Maybe you need to play with not only 2 fingers.Above all,the level's level will turn up to 13 later because of its high bpm." @ さようなら、花泥棒さん(another cutted version)
momocch : "Umm....I think this at least have level 13, As the notes placement is so exaggerating, this make me so hard to tap it , however, this level have interesting way and the sync problem has improved, but just a little irrational.🙂" @ さようなら、花泥棒さん(another cutted version)
teages deng : "The rebuilded version is uploaded.Click here." @ さようなら、花泥棒さん(cutted version)
teages deng : "A really bad news that a PCTyx's bug prevent me from finishing the level.When I try to review it from page 1,it will have some sync problem(such as ぱっぱっぱっぱ in page 90 ~ 92).But when I try to preview it and press ctrl + P in page 90 everything is OK.I throught my skill of music is not enough to finish this level.You can take all resource you need in this link.I will close this level some hours leter." @ さようなら、花泥棒さん(cutted version)
teages deng : "The reason was found: BPM is 170,but i think it is 168,(It`s so trouble that the tools and what I heard both showed it should be 168,but after I turn the BPM setting to 170,everyting become reasonable.)So the new level comming s∞n." @ さようなら、花泥棒さん(cutted version)
momocch : "I see,keep it is right to keep doing it💪" @ さようなら、花泥棒さん(cutted version)
teages deng : "After all,you are so strong that you have got such a high score in such a irrational level." @ さようなら、花泥棒さん(cutted version)
teages deng : "I know.I have finisherd it by Cytuntiy but now I use Pctyx,and the song is so hard to finish(it have so many Chaotic rhythm). I think i will close later and rebuild it after my Chinese college entrance examination after 1 year leter. But now I will try to fix this level." @ さようなら、花泥棒さん(cutted version)
momocch : "I like this song, but you need to fix the sync problem ,it very serious😅" @ さようなら、花泥棒さん(cutted version)

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