13 days ago

Ignoti Contest - Conclusion

We're at the end now!

29 days ago

Regarding Arcaea Songs

Arcaea-related songs will no longer be allowed on Cytoid

about 1 month ago

Cytoid Open Submission 2020

Show us your sound!

about 2 months ago

[Test] CytoidFes 2020

A test event for Cytoid 2.0 beta.

2 months ago

Charting Contest #14 - Ignoti

The 14th charting contest, exploring the unknown. Nice to meet you!

4 months ago

Overhaul Contest - Conclusion

We're at the end now!

5 months ago

Charting Contest #13 - Overhaul

The 13th charting contest! Back with the new twist!

6 months ago

Charting Contest #12 - Rebirth

The 12th charting contest, back at last!

6 months ago

The Cytoid Awards 2019

It is the time of the year...

6 months ago

Charting Contest Judgement Criteria

Here's how we score stuff

6 months ago

Rebirth Contest - Second Round Winners

Thanks for participating!

7 months ago

Rebirth Contest - Conclusion

The 12th Charting Contest is finished!

7 months ago

Interference #2 ARG is now officially concluded.

Thank you for playing!

10 months ago

New CytoidIO is up!


about 1 year ago

Rock Contest Results

Nobody Expected This!

about 1 year ago

Reminder about uploading Rayark-related content

Songs, artwork, and other assets used in Rayark games may not be uploaded to cytoid.io

about 1 year ago

Charting Contest #11 - Rock

The eleventh Cytoid Charting Contest

about 1 year ago

Epic Contest Results

Number 1 and 2 Will... Amaze you!

over 1 year ago

Spring into Cytoid 2.O Conclusion

Cytoid 2.O Event

over 1 year ago

Resolution of Rayark's Statement

Rayark's Response

over 1 year ago

Charting Contest #10 - Epic

The tenth Cytoid Charting Contest (not to be confused for Epic Games and Fortnite)

over 1 year ago

Pixel Contest Results

We modern now bois

over 1 year ago

Charting Contest #09 - Pixel

The ninth Cytoid Charting Contest

over 1 year ago

The Cytoid Awards 2018 - Final Results!

Cytoid Awards 2018

over 1 year ago

Clash Contest Results

The Clash of the Gods has concluded

over 1 year ago

Thank you for playing!

The Halloween event is now officially over!

over 1 year ago

Happy Hallowe��!

Also, �he 1.5.1 updat� is h�re!

over 1 year ago

Charting Contest #08 - Clash

The eighth Cytoid Charting Contest

over 1 year ago

Inspiration Contest Results Revealed!

With 30 entries this time, who will win?

almost 2 years ago

Charting Contest #07 - Inspiration

The seventh Cytoid Charting Contest

almost 2 years ago

Summer Contest Results Disclosed!

Which is also a sign of summer ends.

almost 2 years ago

New difficulty ratings are now up!

Understand the how and why of the changes.