Resolution of Rayark's Statement

Rayark's Response
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03/08/2019, about 1 year ago

If you read this post, then you know that we were contacted by Rayark a few days ago, asking us to remove all Rayark-related materials from this site.

We want to let you know that it has been peacefully resolved, but going forward, we want to remind all of you that levels that contain any assets from Rayark Inc. are no longer allowed to be uploaded on, and we will unlist them and mark them for deletion.

Additionally, if Rayark releases a new song in future updates that already has a level on Cytoid, we may need to also unlist/delete that level as well, depending on the circumstances.

We moderators will be discussing ways on how to manage the level listings without running into many copyright issues in the future. If you have any questions about this, contact one of the mods on our Discord Server.


Tiger + The Cytoid Moderators