Charting Contest Judgement Criteria

Here's how we score stuff

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Metadata :

Accuracy of the chart's information. This includes tags, song and illustrator sources, song names, paths to the correct files, and anything else mentioned in Metadata Rules. Points will be deducted for each error.

  • Both artist_source and illustration_source must be properly filled, those are for link to the song and background image (not link to the artist) Furthermore, you MUST NOT using Google,, any search tool or any irrelevant sites as artist OR illustrator source and NOT using a third party website for the source (as in an upload from an unofficial account/channel without artist’s consent.) The priority of the song source goes by this (from highest to lowest) : Official Song Upload, Album Site, Game Site, Artist Site.
  • You MUST NOT use “cytoid” anywhere in the Level ID (this causes confusion level is official or not).
  • Level ID MUST include the charter’s official or other acceptable name. (Exception: Team names)
  • Charter and storyboarder names MUST be included in tags.
  • Collab charts MUST have a "collab" tag as well as all charters' names.
  • Charts with storyboard MUST have a "storyboard" tag.
  • The song title, artist name, and illustrator MUST be in their original language. Translations should be reserved for the localization section. Preferred order when choosing a localized title is official translation > either literal or romanized.
  • You MUST have audio preview, which can not be longer than 30 seconds.

As this is the least subjective category, the mods will be handling this section.

Playability :

Your judgement of how the chart plays. This category isn't asking if the chart is maxable; instead, it asks whether the chart's overall difficulty is consistent over its playtime.

  • Are difficulty spikes reasonable and predictable?
  • Is the chart's structure well defined?
  • Are structural shifts too abrupt?
  • Are there any obvious issues that disrupt gameplay like stacked tap notes or chords too close to each other?
  • Does the chart and/or storyboard cause an unplayable amount of lag?
  • Does the storyboard disrupt gameplay to the point of unplayability?

Representation :

Your judgement of how the chart represents the song. This criterion asks if the charter's design choices best expresses the song's intensity and rhythms.

  • Are notes on sync with the rhythm?
  • Do speed changes make sense given the song's context?
  • Does the chart's difficulty convey the song's intensity appropriately?
  • Are similar sounds represented with similar patterns?
  • When multiple rhythms are layered, does rhythmical focus shift in appropriate places?
  • Do the storyboard's effects bring out what the chart can't?

Creativity :

Your judgement of how unique the level is. This asks if the chart introduces concepts that makes it stand out and memorable among other charts.

  • Does the chart introduce completely new concept?
  • Does it take concepts from other charts and builds on them?
  • Is there a gimmick that is developed as the chart progresses?
  • Is the concept used consistently throughout the chart?
  • Does the storyboard also do the above?

Each category is on a scale from 1-10. It's better to spread the score to cover the entire scale.