Charting Contest #18 - Tenebris

The 18th Charting Contest

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01/03/2023, over 1 year ago

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10/02/2021, almost 3 years ago



Update 3 - 1st Voting Period Results!!

Jumping straight into the results since you've been waiting long enough for them.

The winners of this contest are... For the no-storyboard category:

  1. [rabpet] Abandoned Shrine Party
  2. [whigrac & triquinacene] Utsuogi
  3. [harry_hcx] 毒LOCANdy♡

And for the storyboard category:

  1. [timitini & name262c2b] Energy Night

And don't forget our honorable mentions, you have them here:

  1. [iosun] Violence In The Hospital
  2. [9223372_sp] MARENOL
  3. [Helamind_CW] Destroy
  4. [linzi] B L A C K - R A Y
  5. [Kurantenie] Spooky Scary Skeletons (The Living Tombstone Remix)
  6. [C4L3BT] ユメクイ
  7. [tonykrza] Elegy of ZZAZZ
  8. [dive] 彁

Vote for them in the 2nd Voting Period that starts now at this link!

Update 2 - Deadline extension

Apologies for the last minute change, but the 1st Voting Period deadline(and the following ones) have been delayed by a week. See you next week with the results!

Update 1 - Voting Period started!

The Chart Submission Period has just ended and we were totally spooked by all the charts you sent us.

Now we'll return the favor and ask you to play these (horrifyingly good hopefully) entries and rate them here!

The spookiest time of the year is upon us, and so is another charting contest! We'll need help Halloweenifying our recent levels tab, so we're loosening up some restrictions! This contest marks the return of storyboards, with modifications to the winning placements to properly accommodate them. Make sure to check the judgement criteria for details!

Contest Schedule:

Each phase begins and ends at 0:00 and 23:59 UTC-8 respectively. Use this clock to judge the time.

October 3 - October 30: Chart Submission Period

October 31 - November 20: First Voting Period - Vote for the charts at this link.

November 21 - November 27: Second Voting Period - Vote for the charts at this link.

Dates (particularly voting periods) may be subject to change with the number of submissions. Please check back here, our Twitter, or our Discord to stay updated!


Your song, level, and storyboard (if you include one) must be horror/Halloween themed. Restrictions are pretty loose this time around, but the spookier your level, the happier your players will be.

Storyboards are allowed again, but will be judged in their own category. As above, the more Halloween-themed it is, the better.

One submission per participant.

Collaboration is allowed. However, the entry counts for a submission for each participant.

To enter:

Upload your level, tag "tenebris contest" and set to public. While you may edit the level during the submission period, all levels submitted will be downloaded when the voting phase begins and will be posted in a followup announcement.

Judgement Criteria:

Since we're allowing storyboards again, we've decided to split them into their own category to make things more fair for everyone. This comes with a modification to the number of winners: there will be one winner for each category (plain chart and storyboard), with at least one runner up for both. The number will depend on the number of submissions and how close the runner ups are to each other. And remember, we still have our second voting period!

Keep in Mind:

  • You cannot submit an old level that was uploaded before the contest's start date, unless you ask a mod for permission and significantly rechart it.
  • You must not make any changes to your level during the voting period, unless there are serious problems with your level eg. broken level.json. Inform a mod if you need to make any emergency changes; otherwise we will disqualify your level.
  • Mods have the right to change any details about the contest, and we will announce it via our Discord Server.