Interference #2 ARG is now officially concluded.

Thank you for playing!

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Alternative post title: How did a Halloween ARG turn into a Fall ARG

Congratulations! You have now officially solved the ARG for Interference: Episode II. I have to admit this ARG took quite a long while and didn't go smooth as it should have——some puzzles were made too confusing or contained typos, and the whole experience was divided due to me having too much IRL stuff going on and couldn't finish coding all the stuff on time. That being said, I am still glad to have experimented a lot of ideas both in terms of crafting the puzzles (quoting Lumi: playing a RPG just for the 8 f**king letters) and telling a sequel to last year's story.

So, what exactly happened in the ARG? Who the heck are those people anyway? I wish I can expand on my thoughts on the story a little bit (and probably, properly introduce Project Afterlife™), but it seems that my first priority now is to finish Cytoid 2.0 before 2019 concludes. Honestly, after so many delays, I don't even believe I can finish it on time. But I'll try.

Thank you everyone for participating in the event. Please give the artists some love!

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Thanks for taking part in the event! It was a challenge to put together, but it’s been great fun, and I hope you enjoyed it too!


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Sorry about the horrible puzzles I wrote


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Also sorry about the horrible puzzles I wrote

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