Charting Contest #15 - Vivacious

The 15th Charting Contest

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11/20/2021, over 2 years ago

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11/24/2020, over 3 years ago

Update 3 - Voting Round 1 Results are in!

Hope everyone had a great time breaking their brains creating and playing the entries! Here are your winners:

#1: [timitini] You are the Miserable

#2: [ECIC1] GLAZ

#3: [he2o3] MACARON feat. Hatsune Miku

Coolest Gimmick: [timitini] You are the Miserable

Prettiest Storyboard: [anakin] Alien Weapon

Most Fun: [timitini] You are the Miserable

Congratulations to the winners! Additionally, here are the honorable mentions:

[03] [Helamind_CW vs kai_king] Creepy Creeps

[08] [elwhw] Be With U

[09] [Triquinacene] Sparkling Laser Beam

[12] [Simon] Cutter

[13] [Bc] ロボティックガール

[14] [harry_hcx] Magical Musical Master

[15] [Wanderer Zariq] F-Rozenette

You can vote for your favorite entries here:

Update 2 - Deadlines pushed back!

Hey all, we're giving you an extra week to polish up and complete your storyboards. Check the dates down below to update your schedules, and good luck on your entries!


A little less than two weeks left for submissions! We love what everyone's been sharing so far! In fact, we decided that the usual three winners and second round will not be enough to acknowledge everyone's levels properly, so we're adding three additional categories for everyone to nominate their favorite levels for! They are:

Coolest Gimmick: Which entries had the most interesting mechanic?

Prettiest Storyboard: Which are the best-looking storyboards?

Most Fun: Which levels did you have the most fun playing?

You will be able to nominate three charts for each category during the first judging period! Each entry, including the all-around top 3, is eligible to win one category at most. Keep up the good work, we'll see you again in two weeks!

After all the shenaniganery between contests, hopefully everyone's had time to adjust to the 2.0 client and its features. We've got a whole bunch of new toys to play with now, and there are still plenty that have been here from the beginning. Let's break the game!

Contest Schedule:

Each phase begins and ends at 0:00 and 23:59 UTC-8 respectively. Use this clock to judge the time:

November 22 - December 26: Chart Submission Period

December 27 - January 16: First Voting Period ( You CANNOT edit the level during this period )

First Period Voting link:

January 17 - January 23: Second Voting Period ( You CANNOT edit the level during this period )


No song limits! However...

Judging will now heavily favor creativity. We encourage you break the game in whatever way you can! Introduce gimmicks that will make players' jaws drop. Notepad chart to create charts no functioning editor can hope to generate. Storyboard unique experiences only you can create. A world of possibilities awaits, so go out, experiment, and innovate!

One submission per participant.

Collaboration is allowed and is highly encouraged! Charters and storyboarders are able to collaborate with each other as they wish; however, the entry counts for a submission for each participant.

To enter:

Upload your level, tag "vivacious contest" and set to public. While you may edit the level during the submission period, all levels submitted will be downloaded when the voting phase begins and will be posted in a followup announcement.

Judgement Criteria:

Contest 15 note: This contest will put greater emphasis on creativity and representation than usual. Playability will still be present to a lesser degree to discourage auto-only charts, but your chart's score will now be dependent on the originality of your ideas and how well they are implemented.

Keep in Mind:

  • You cannot submit an old level that was uploaded before the contest's start date, unless you ask a mod for permission and significantly rechart it.
  • You must not make any changes to your level during the voting period, unless there are serious problems with your level eg. broken level.json. Inform a mod if you need to make any emergency changes; otherwise we will disqualify your level.
  • Mods have the right to change any details about the contest, and we will announce it via our Discord Server.