Charting Contest #13 - Overhaul

The 13th charting contest! Back with the new twist!

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05/24/2020, about 4 years ago

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02/02/2020, over 4 years ago



Happy new year! -wait I am a month late now...

Well whatever, here we go with the first contest of the decade!

Contest Schedule:

Each phase begins and ends at 0:00 and 23:59 UTC-8 respectively. Use this clock to judge the time:

February 2 - February 29: Chart Submission Period

March 1 - March 14: First Voting Period ( You CANNOT edit the level during this period )

March 15 - March 21: Second Voting Period ( You CANNOT edit the level during this period )

The contest had ended. Thank you for all your participitation, the result can be see here


  1. Song/genre restrictions : Must be remixed track (see below for full explanation.)
  2. At least one difficulty. Creating more than one difficulty is highly recommended so that newer players are able to enjoy your level too. It's alright if you're short on time, but if your song is something like 2:30 there's little reason not to make more than one difficulty.
  3. One submission per charter.
  4. Collaboration is allowed! Featured and non-featured charters are able to collaborate with each other as they wish; however, the entry counts for a submission for each participant.

Special Requirements:

The song must be a Remixed. This however DOESN'T include:

  • Extended Version, Self-Remix or VIP Mix
  • Cover version
  • Mash-up / Medley / MegaMix
  • Parody or Meme Edit
  • Nightcore / Speed up Version

If you are not sure with your song choice, please consult with a mod.

To enter:

Upload your level, tag "overhaul contest" and set to public. While you may edit the level during the submission period, all levels submitted will be downloaded when the voting phase begins and will be posted in a followup announcement.

Judgement Criteria:

Keep in Mind:

  • You cannot submit an old level that was uploaded before the contest's start date, unless you ask a mod for permission and siginificantly rechart it.
  • You must not make any changes to your level during the voting period, unless there are serious problems with your level eg. broken level.json. Inform a mod if you need to make any emergency changes; otherwise we will disqualify your level.
  • Mods have the right to change any details about the contest, and we will announce it via our Discord Server.