Epic Contest Results

Number 1 and 2 Will... Amaze you!

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04/15/2019, about 5 years ago

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04/15/2019, about 5 years ago

Wow, we got a lot of charts, but these top 5 winners snatched it all! They will be featured for all!

  1. [PTB10] 月光乱舞 8.07
  2. [cuteio14 & PTB10] The Government 7.85
  3. [Luna Flina x Fizzest] レイル・ロマネスク(Rail Romanesque) 7.8
  4. [PitStain] Tulala Story 7.55
  5. [Cthulol] Cyaegha 7.47

Here are the honorable mentions AKA top 6-10 (in alphabetical order, not rank order):

[Suconh] ALiCE [cuteio14] Falling [Wanderer Zariq x Tavia] Flashback [Kest147] Libertas [tofu vs. suconh] Ringing Bloom