Ignoti Contest - Conclusion

We're at the end now!

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11/22/2020, over 3 years ago

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06/21/2020, about 4 years ago



We're now done with the first part. Congratulations to the winners of the contest!

#01 [PTB10] A.I. (88.6)
#02 [he] Nyctophobia (87.2)
#03 [Helamind_CW vs IV] Hideous (86.9)
#04 [yyao] Schwertkampf (83.5)

And from the second round of voting, we have 4 more submissions to be featured:

03.[pitstain] 7 Colors (1.46)*
18.[Triquinacene] SO GALBI (1.46)
25.[Arkivist] Dream of Mahjong (ft. Ivan Jackson) (1.50)
26.[cannikin] Fog Rain (1.58)

The rest of the honorable mentions that did not pass the threshold are:

09.[Rabpet] Last Promise (TV size)
22.[amdm910] 謳
27.[TonyKrZa & mbg180] Ghost In Me
28.[jqjqhqh] Odecake Girl

Second voting period link : https://forms.gle/pVfhQbpM3AkZ13pE7

Rest now and prepare for the next contest coming soon!