Regarding Arcaea Songs

Arcaea-related songs will no longer be allowed on Cytoid

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08/30/2023, 8 months ago

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06/05/2020, almost 4 years ago


Hi all,

We were just notified that lowiro is currently investigating Cytoid for using their songs without their permission. We've been treading on very thin ice ever since lowiro released their Derivative Works policy, but we've avoided taking action against Arcaea-related levels until now, figuring we'd fly under their radar.

However, it appears that it's finally time to deal with the massive number of Arcaea levels on the database. lowiro has not officially contacted us themselves, but we will be taking preemptive measures to reduce the impact when they do. We will be censoring many Arcaea-related songs on, and these levels will no longer be available to download. That being said, we left a lot of them untouched (namely collab songs and BOFU tracks) until further notice. Additionally, we have removed the Arcaea tag from ALL levels, and we will no longer allow Arcaea-related songs on the database, same policy as Rayark-related songs. We apologize for this and we hope you understand.

If you believe your level was incorrectly unlisted, please DM one of the mods on Discord to get your level relisted.