Charting Contest #16 - Breeze

The 16th Charting Contest

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11/20/2021, over 2 years ago

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02/23/2021, over 3 years ago



yingyi xsu

Update 4 - Honorable mentions

The entries that will be featured from the honorable mentions are, as follows:

02. [he2o3] wing (1.64)

05. [armageddon] corridor (1.09)

18. [anakin] SOLROS (Inst. ver (1.00)

30. [rnk0u] 点、線、面、立体 (1.64)

Congratulations to the winners and a thank you to everyone that participated.

That's all for this contest, shout out to the contestants and, of course, our judges and voters for their hard work!

See you at the next contest!

Update 3 - 1st voting period results are in!

Hope you found these charts a nice breath of fresh air from the usual 15+ madness! Here are your winners:

1. [cthulol] Secret Laboratory

2. [teages_0v0 & ___eric___] 今をかける少女

3. [Triquinacene] 終末の花

4. [rballance] 月雪に舞う華のように

5. [uvernight] Käfig

Congratulations to the winners! Additionally, here are the honorable mentions:

02. [he2o3] wing

05. [armageddon] corridor

07. [linzi] Rain of Amethyst

09. [thebombman] Mini MOON

15. [elwhw] Falling Again

16. [zeroaurora] 春弦

18. [anakin] SOLROS (Inst. ver)

27. [aqatl] my time

30. [rnk0u] 点、線、面、立体

32. [mekko] Brand new diary (TV size.)

You can vote for your favorite entries at ONE of the links updated in the schedule section below.

Update 2

The first voting period has ended and the results will be made public here on April 19, 00:00 (UTC - 8).


With the end of the Chart Submission Period and the fact that we got so many submissions this time, we are extending the First Voting Period. Check the updated time table and the link to the voting form below.

Seeing a recent trend of high difficulty charts being featured, we decided that we should slow down a bit and take it easy this time. Of course, this means that the theme this time is easy charts.

Contest Schedule:

Each phase begins and ends at 0:00 and 23:59 UTC-8 respectively. Use this clock to judge the time:

March 2 - March 27 : Chart Submission Period

March 21 - March 27 : Peer Review Week ( See below for more info )

March 28 - April 17 : First Voting Period ( You CANNOT edit the level during this period ) - Vote at this link. If you cannot access Google services, then use this alternative link.

April 19 - April 25 : Second Voting Period ( You CANNOT edit the level during this period ) - Vote at this link. If you cannot access Google services, then use this alternative link.


No song limits! However...

As per the theme of this contest, your chart(s) must have the easiest difficulty lower than 5 (easiest difficulty <= 5) and the hardest difficulty lower than 12 (highest difficulty <= 12). However, for any difficulty level greater than 10 (difficulty > 10), your Playability ( see Judgement Criteria for more info ) score will be deducted.

Additionally, since we've just had a contest where you've shown off your storyboarding prowess, you must not use any storyboard in your charts.

One submission per participant.

Collaboration is allowed. However, the entry counts for a submission for each participant.

To enter:

Upload your level, tag "breeze contest" and set to public. While you may edit the level during the submission period ( which includes peer review week ), all levels submitted will be downloaded when the voting phase begins and will be posted in a followup announcement.

Judgement Criteria:

Contest 16 specific: As mentioned above, for every level of difficulty greater than 10 (difficulty > 10) in any of your charts, your Playability score will be deducted by 5 points out of the maximum of 10 ( i.e. a level 11 difficulty will be deducted 5 points, while a level 12 difficulty will be deducted the full 10 points ).

However, seeing as difficulty can be hard to measure and come to an understanding about, we are holding a Peer Review Week over at the Cytoid Discord Server ( don't forget to introduce yourself to get access to #contest-discussion ) for you to get input on the difficulty of your chart(s) from your fellow contestants.

Additionally, we are adding a new Judge System to this contest ( and probably future ones ), where your charts will be reviewed during the First Voting Period by select group of charters. The ratings of the judges will hold a bigger proportion of the final score, but the community ratings will still influence the final score.

Keep in Mind:

  • You cannot submit an old level that was uploaded before the contest's start date, unless you ask a mod for permission and significantly rechart it.
  • You must not make any changes to your level during the voting period, unless there are serious problems with your level eg. broken level.json. Inform a mod if you need to make any emergency changes; otherwise we will disqualify your level.
  • Mods have the right to change any details about the contest, and we will announce it via our Discord Server :