[̲̲̲͇̲̲̅̿̅̅̅̿̅͞G̲͇̲̲̲͇̲̲̲͇̲̲̲͇̲̲̲͇̲̲̲͇̲̲̅̅̿̅̅̅̿̅̅̅̿̅̅̅̿̅̅̅̿̅̅̅̿̅̚͟͟͞͞α̲͇̲̲̲͇̲̲̲͇̲̲̲͇̲̲̲͇̲̲̲͇̲̲̅̅̿̅̅̅̿̅̅̅̿̅̅̅̿̅̅̅̿̅̅̅̿̅̚͟͟͞͞м̲͇̲̲̲͇̲̲̲͇̲̲̲͇̲̲̲͇̲̲̲͇̲̲̅̅̿̅̅̅̿̅̅̅̿̅̅̅̿̅̅̅̿̅̅̅̿̅̚͟͟͞͞Е̲͇̲̲̲͇̲̲̲͇̲̲̲͇̲̲̲͇̲̲̲͇̲̲̅̅̿̅̅̅̿̅̅̅̿̅̅̅̿̅̅̅̿̅̅̅̿̅̚͟͟͞͞ ̲͇̲̲̲͇̲̲̲͇̲̲̲͇̲̲̲͇̲̲̲͇̲̲̅̅̿̅̅̅̿̅̅̅̿̅̅̅̿̅̅̅̿̅̅̅̿̅̚͟͟͞͞O̲͇̲̲̲͇̲̲̲͇̲̲̲͇̲̲̲͇̲̲̲͇̲̲̅̅̿̅̅̅̿̅̅̅̿̅̅̅̿̅̅̅̿̅̅̅̿̅̚͟͟͞͞ν̲͇̲̲̲͇̲̲̲͇̲̲̲͇̲̲̲͇̲̲̲͇̲̲̅̅̿̅̅̅̿̅̅̅̿̅̅̅̿̅̅̅̿̅̅̅̿̅̚͟͟͞͞е̲͇̲̲̲͇̲̲̲͇̲̲̲͇̲̲̲͇̲̲̲͇̲̲̅̅̿̅̅̅̿̅̅̅̿̅̅̅̿̅̅̅̿̅̅̅̿̅̚͟͟͞͞Я̲͇̲̲̲͇̲̲̲͇̲̲̲͇̲̲̲͇̲̅̅̿̅̅̅̿̅̅̅̿̅̅̅̿̅̅̅̚͟͟͞]

Yunomi feat.TORIENA
ResetLv. 15
HardLv. 12



  1. 建议打开fast进行游玩,建议使用1.5版本游玩,2.0会有图片无法覆盖完全的bug;
  2. 曲目长度:3:52(EX);1:59(HD);
  3. 艺术家:Yunomi feat.TORIENA;
  4. 难度概要:基础BPM138,
  5. HD:剪辑版;
  6. EX:结尾部分按住屏幕正中央就能过;
  • 这几天和别的谱师有稍微交流过一下,发觉自己离做出一张规规矩矩的正经谱面还有一段距离,包括这张谱在内也有许多不足的地方,不过我会努力朝着正常谱师的方向前进的!奥力给!(
  • 更新:5/3(1).调整背景暗度,增加背景灰度效果
  • 5/3(2).修改了黑色遮罩的尺寸和格式,使之(可能)会在2.0版本中有更好表现 ————————————————————

This is a storyboard chart that I have completed very seriously. If you are interested, please try this full storyboard level !!!!

Level Information:

  1. It is recommended to open fast mod for playingIt is recommended to use version 1.5 to play, 2.0 will have pictures that can not cover the full screen's bug ;
  2. Track length: 3:52 (EX); 1:59 (HD);
  3. Artist: Yunomi feat.TORIENA;
  4. Difficulty summary: basic BPM138,
  5. HD: Edited version;
  6. EX: At the end, press and hold the center of the screen to pass;
  • In the past few days, I have communicated with other charter a little bit, and found that I am still some distance away from making a decent chart, and there are many shortcomings including this spectrum, but I will try to be a serious charter!
    • Update: 5 / 3(1). adjusts the background darkness and increases the background gray effect
    • 5 / 3 (2). The size and format of the black mask layer have been modified so that it (possibly) will perform better in version 2.0 ,Thanks for the feedback :-)


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