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  1. 曲目长度:1:40(剪辑后)
  2. 艺术家:C-Show Feat.藍月なくる;
  3. 封面:来自P站(裁成了横屏的比例可能有点糊抱歉);

    4. 大量故事板:包括全特效歌词,DROP部分的震荡特效等内容;

  4. 难度概要:变速部分较多,但是note较少,难度一般;
  5. 不是我自夸,做得还挺好,嘿嘿!

这次是比以往曲目长度都要短但是制作时间比以往都要长的一个关卡,故事板真的是让我费尽了心思去制作......不过从最终效果来看还是至少没有让我自己失望的......不过缺点也很明显:在背景这方面完全没有做任何处理(主要是懒= =),在这一点上我以后制作关卡时会尽量注意到这一点...... emmmmm........那么最后就祝各位游玩愉快吧(~ ̄▽ ̄)~


#When playing, please turn on storyboard effects and turn off mods that affect visual effects for a better playing experience

Level information:

  1. Track length: 1:40 (after editing)
  2. Artist: C-Show Feat.藍月なくる;
  3. Cover: from Pixiv (the proportion of the picture cut to the horizontal screen may be a bit fuzzy);

    4. A large number of storyboards: including full-effect lyrics, shock special effects of the DROP part;

  4. Difficulty summary: There are more shifting parts, but less notes, and the difficulty is average;
  5. It's not that I boast, I'm doing pretty well, hey hey!

This time is a level that is shorter than the previous track, but the production time is longer than before.The storyboard really made me spend all my efforts to make it ... but from the perspective of the final effect, there is still at least no I was disappointed myself ... but the shortcomings are also obvious: there is no processing at all in the background (mainly lazy ==), at this point I will try to pay attention to this when making the level later. ..... emmmmm ........ then I wish you all a pleasant play (~  ̄ ▽  ̄) ~


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