Dream of Mahjong (ft. Ivan Jackson)

EXLv. 14

Thanks so much to everyone who voted for this chart to be featured in the Ignoti charting contest! I edited the description below to make it a little easier on the eyes :p

WARNING: This chart is extremely unconventional. It's based around the idea of a septuplet groove, but the song very cleverly disguises these rhythms so that they sound like 6/8. Notes which look like they are "randomly" on the page before the page when you would expect to see them have not just been "placed without grid syncing" - some notes (I found after careful analysis) are a fourteenth earlier than you would expect.

For a rough guide to how the basic drum beat and main rhythmic ideas of the song work, watch the section from 0:12 to 1:11 of the video linked below:


Giving this chart an accurate difficulty level was tricky. I settled on 14 because of the dense septuplet strings and extreme rhythmic complexity.

Also, word of warning to people like me who got caught out by this: according to contest metadata rules, your charter name MUST be one of the tags for your chart, otherwise you'll get deducted points.

~ Arki


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