[ZN01] Devoed

InanisLv. 13

Featuring gimmick: Forbidden ground, where no notes are to be placed, and drag continuum, where a drag lasts far too long.

"In the beginning, there was nothing. Our empire stands on sacred soil, as crafted from the fires of creation and the winds of life.

"We are taught to respect, love, and preserve our land and our life, for in our culture it is given to us by the gods themselves.

"Nothing was bothersome for us, until we started connecting with foreign nations. Serpents of chaos slipped under our gilded rugs of furs, agents of death syphoned life away from our places of rejuvenation, silvered venomous tongues corrupted our gold. I lament not being enlightened to this sooner."

~ Signed, Court Historian Stijavh


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