Indiscriminate Shock 1.3 Million VoltsLv. 14

Phew, finally done
This is meant to be my first attempt at aiming for featured although I doubt I'm good enough right now for that Also I feel the chart just gets messier later on tbh lol
Also this wasn't meant to be an SB chart but it turns out storyboarding was the easiest way to change colours of lots of notes at once so here we are I guess

Didn't add easy diffs because I was too lazy this time :lunadumb:
Hopefully I get motivated enough to make easy diffs later

also yes i charted this song as an excuse to use kaminari as a bg

-=Song Info=-
Length: 2:30
BPM: 174
Chart BPM: 87-174


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02/07/2021, 11 months ago