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Whooo jesus, we're really cutting it close with this one...

This is a (very tightly timed and close call) submisson for the Vivacious contest! Also on another very strict deadline! Swear to god this is becoming a pattern...

And since most if this contest is pretty much "Storyboard Central" and there was no way I'm gonna win with just my own charting. So... a very, very big thanks to Chovvy for making all of this possible. I could not have done it without him, and he has done so, so much in the background and I cannot thank him enough. (Chovvy intermission) Phew this was way too close for comfort, but we made it work, even with... quite a lot of visual bugs and scuffed parts, but oh well, you gotta take what you get. This is probably the biggest storyboard project ever with more than 4 million characters in the compiled storyboards and more than 3 thousand sprites across all difficulties. It was a lot of fun to make... and very stressful. ;-;

Charting this was... very intersting, I'll be honest. Never in my life had I had to wrap my head around so many concepts to make these things possible in Cytoid. And with 3 difficulties in time, too!

Update: Added a link to all the assets we have not made ourselves - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/12OptZd4EiHM14E9gvu_ppzEpTC4oKJt6NcYXN5H1HYM/edit?usp=sharing

BPM: 125 - 400

Dive into a world where music is no longer a concept, but a pure system of mathematics and geometry... you will know more than any man has ever come before, but there's one question I have to ask you...

Just how fast can you go?


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