Alice in misanthrope -厭世アリス-

StoryboardLv. 15
NormalLv. 14

My 8th level on io, with two charts in it, one with storyboard( yep it's my first chart using storyboard). I am a freshman at storyboarding so i wonder is it kind of boring hard-encoding stuff?( Besides just having a try, the reason why i add vertically scrolling features to this level is that classical cytus-fashioned chart cannot hold enough(more than two) 6-consecutive-16th notes in one normal page, which results in distortions on note placement(you can see them clearly in my Hard chart, without storyboard). While vertically scrolling pattern has no paging limitations! Anyway, Hope you enjoy these two charts!

  • BPM: 152-174
  • Scanline speed: 76-174 btw, bpm of this song changes often according to the BMS chart and i strictly followed it, so it's no suprise there are huge numbers of (meaningless) speed change hints, sorry about that! :D


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03/25/2021, 7 months ago