TeddyLoid feat. daoko
MMMLv. 14

Update v2: Fixed a note blocked by left hand when holding a Long Hold. It moved to the middle instead. Update v3: Fixed unsync hold notes in Part 1 before staircase BPM.

It's the (in)famous ME!ME!ME!. I can't believe finding SFW background is harder than it looks.

This is the complete version, part 1, 2, and 3 combined in Audacity.

I add some trick mixed in the early part of the music. A staircase BPM . It makes the boring part in the early section more interesting.

Charting the pre-dubstep section is very hard because it's a drifting BPM and the scanner has to conform to the beat every 2-3 pages.


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08/27/2018, over 2 years ago