DF10: Break Down

EXLv. 13
HardLv. 8

Break Down Chapter: Defiled (DF) Song: (10/12)

Perceval: I see you are back.

Alice: I guess I am back

Perceval: You left quite fast the first time I saw you

Alice: I'm sorry. I woke up

Perceval: You... woke up? What do you mean?

Alice: Well... I was sleeping when I saw you.

Actually I'm sleeping right now

… I don't know how and why this works but...

Perceval: Fascinating... How are you able to come here

I know this place isn't something you can just access like that

In fact how do you know of this place and my existence?

Alice: I'm sorry... I don't know... All I know is that I was guided here

I can't control coming here... It just... happens

It's her doing

Perceval: her doing?

Alice: Yes... Emilia... She's in my mind...

or maybe, she's at my side at all times is a better way to describe it.

Perceval: Emilia? Who is that?

Alice: I'm not sure... She's a person but at the same time not...

She shows me things...

I think it's her past... or her memories...

Perceval: She's a person but at the same time not...

Alice: Ah, I'm sorry must sound crazy to you...

Why am I apologizing... I don't even know what's happeni...

Perceval: I understand exactly what you mean.

I'm the same way. I can see memories. Feel them. I know they aren't mine Yet I can see the past of all these people

Alice: You can see memories aswell?

Perceval: Yes... But they are not mine.

I know they aren't...

I don't have any memories of anything else, other than this place

I can show you what I mean

The surroundings shift and Alice and Perceval are standing on a field full of flowers

Birds and insects are flying around and the wind gently blows through their hair.

Alice: Wow... This is so pretty...

Perceval: Indeed. This is the Memory of someone who was here with their family. You can see them standing over there

Alice: I feel so... Happy!

Perceval: I do aswell. Yet I don't understand why.

Why does this make me happy?

Alice: Maybe because it's a happy memory?

Perceval: Oh it definitely is. But why am I able to feel this emotion when I know I'm not human?

Alice: But... is that really important?

Perceval: What do you mean?

Alice: I don't know what you are either... but... regardless of what you are, you still feel these emotions. The person who was here, was just really happy and didn't care about anything else but being in this moment. I can tell because you're showing me.

I think you should just try to lose yourself in this feeling for a moment.

You're saying that you can feel what this person was feeling at this moment. But can you really?

Perceval: I...

Alice: I was afraid at first... All I was feeling was sadness.

These memories that are not mine... They are filled with sadness, fear... pain I was so scared when I first felt them.

But someone asked me something important.

What if she's showing these to me because she's scared aswell?

She's the same as me. She is all alone just like I was...

But... I think I need to help her.

I need to embrace what she's feeling to understand her. I can't be scared of what she's feeling if I want to help her. I'm using these memories to learn and form my own thoughts about them

I guess what I'm trying to say is...

It doesn't matter what or who you are. You are able to feel emotions. You don't need to already have an identity to feel these kind of things.

And even though these memories aren't yours you can still let them form you in a good way.

You can just decide who or what you want to be.

I'm talking to you about this. That means you have a conscious mind.

You don't have to be a human being for that.

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