ENL7: Bubble Tea

dark cat (feat. juu & cinders)
spclLv. 13
exLv. 10
hardLv. 5

Bubble Tea Chapter: Enlightened (ENL) Song: (7/9)

NOTE: EASY Difficulty is NOT easy. That's why I changed the name to SPCL. It has another version of the song as bonus lvl

Alice: Emilia!

Emilia! Where are you?!

I don't know why you are sad...

Don't just make me feel this way!

distant sobs

Alice: I just don't understand... sob

A bright light flashes

Pictures start flashing in Alice's mind

Children... Many children with white clothes

Screams... Screams of agonizing pain

A girl is being strapped into a contraption

A second Girl is calling out for her sister

Flashes of light again

A man is talking to one of the girls, he seems familiar

He's holding a bracelet

He's ecstatic about it. The bracelet seems familiar

A different man with a mustache is talking with other researchers

Something is off about him

He isn't looking but something isn't right

His eyes glow in a deep red light

He is known as the devil



Mrs. Jannet: Alice! Wake up!

Alice: Ahh! ah.. Mrs... Jannet?

Mrs. Jannet: Alice what's wrong?!

Alice: I'm... not sure... what happened?

Mrs. Jannet: Dear, you were screaming from the top of your lungs! Just what happened?

Alice: I don't know... I think I had a nightmare.

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