DF3: Prevail

DJ Myosuke
EXLv. 15
HardLv. 9

Prevail Chapter: Defiled (DF) Song: (3/9)

Perceval: Humanity... I want you to manifest aswell.

Humanity: I can't do that on my own. You have to grant me a form if you wish for me to be around you physically.

Perceval: hm... I will grant you a form that can change form then.

Humanity appears as a floating ball with horns

Humanity: Why... would you chose something like this as my form?

Perceval: Is it not to your liking?

Humanity: That's not it. It's just confusing to me that you would chose something so... evil looking.

Perceval: Evil? … Ah yes I guess it does look a bit evil. However... Evil intentions can be found everywhere in this place. It was built with evil things in mind after all.

Humanity: What do you mean?

Perceval: Along with all the positive emotions that exist in this huge emptiness around us... I can feel a great evil lurking. … You granted me a body for this very reason did you not? … Something else is here with us. Somewhere in this vast place. … Just now when I created your body... My feelings where influenced by evil thoughts and negative emotions. … So your form ended up looking „evil“ as by human definition.

Humanity: I see... That's a shame

Perceval: I gave you eyes and a mouth. They are the two most essential things to express emotion. Don't think too much about your form. It doesn't have influence on what you feel. Your need for help... it's still as clear as day to me. … But I need to learn about all these feelings first. I need time...

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