ENL4: Warp Star

Snails House
EXLv. 12
HardLv. 7

Warp Star Chapter: Enlightened (ENL) Song: (4/9)

Mrs. Jannet: She's... in the garden.

Mr. Hendricks: So... has she... you know?

Mrs. Jannet: sigh

No... unfortunately she hasn't spoken a single word since you brought her here...

She seems to be very troubled with something... I really want to help her... I want to talk to her...

But I don't know anything about her. She might have a trauma of some sort. I know she has a voice since I can hear her at night sometimes.

Mr. Hendricks: You... heard her voice?

Mrs. Jannet: Yes... it's a bit scary to be honest with you... She keeps mumbling to herself... but sometimes I feel like I can hear her say words... And she keeps repeating them over and over...

Mr. Hendricks: Words?

Mrs. Jannet: I'm not sure... she keeps talking about a girl

Mr. Hendricks: A girl... Maybe someone she knows?

Mrs. Jannet: That's what I thought aswell so I tried talking to her about it... But... she just refuses to open up.

Mr. Hendricks: I see... And besides that... Has she made friends? Does she eat?

Mrs. Jannet: The children are feeling the same way I am. They told me they tried to get her to play with them but whenever they ask her, she just shakes her head and sits in the garden. Just like she is doing it right at this moment.

Mr Hendricks: Alright. I'll go give her a visit now.

Mrs. Jannet: Good luck.

Mr Hendricks opens the glass door and steps outside

Mr. Hendricks: Alice?

Alice turns around and smiles slightly

Mr. Hendricks: Hello there...Have you been well?

Alice nods

Mr. Hendricks: That's good...

Do you enjoy the garden?

Alice nods

Mr. Hendricks: haha... I see. It can be quite relaxing.

I hope you don't mind If I sit here with you for a moment.

Alice shakes her head and points to the floor.

Mr. Hendricks: You want me to sit here? Alright.

Mr Hendricks sits down

Mr. Hendricks: I can see why you would come here. It's really relaxing... And this garden is really pretty.


Do you feel at ease here?

Alice Nods

Mr. Hendricks: That's good.

An hour passes with Mr Hendricks telling Alice stories from his childhood.

The glass door opens

Mrs. Jannet: Ah, Mr Hendricks I'm really sorry if I'm interrupting but it's almost time for dinner.

Mr. Hendricks: Ah I see. No need to worry. I was about to say goodbye to Alice anyway.

Turns to Alice

It seems I have to go now. I hope you enjoyed your time with me...

Do you want me to come visit you again?

Alice nods and smiles

Mrs. Jannet: I think that's a big yes, haha.

Mr. Hendricks: I'm happy you enjoy my company Alice. And don't worry. I'll be back soon.

Maybe even with a gift.

He winks to Alice

Now have a wonderful day

Mr Hendricks turns to leave

Alice grabs his Arm

Mr. Hendricks: Hm? Something I forgot?

Alice: Thank you.

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