EasyLv. 4
HardLv. 13

Shiny Sword My Diamond!

Edit 1: Added/Removed some notes in Easy level Edit 2: Edit off-synced notes in hard level

Long time no see, Encopda is back ;;-;;

My laptop is still broken, it always shows me BSOD. But, if I don't turn on an internet. BSOD won't appear.. I don't know why.

So I can come to chart again, with my favorite song in this season.

The concept chart in chorus part is inspired by Kirito and Eugeo's movement in SAO SS3 OP, I hope you would feel like spinning your sword around when play that part. (imo this song is suitable for C2 format more than C1 format, but I'm still stupid how to chart like C2 format gomennasai)

P.S. As a LN reader, this arc is the best arc in SAO


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