Shanghai Kouchakan

NormalLv. 14
exdan's abominationLv. 15+
(nerfed ending)Lv. 15+


For the 120th Octopus Tournament - See Cytoid Discord for details


Oh wait, I blatantly stole from TonyKrZa's format and forgot to change the week to week 138. I wonder if this was intentional.

After a very long while trying to chart better this is my first chart that I am publishing. The quality of only the first chart (level 14) is ensured. For this chart, I would really like to thank name262c2b specifically for his/her patience in quiding me in the process of charting this, and teaching me alot of things along the way. He/She is someone who I really look up to, go check him/her out.

Anyways, for the real deal, the octopus chart.

The octopus chart is almost split up into distinct sections which test one's ability with different skills.

0:05-0:16 is simple, natural multifinger

0:16-0:21 is c-drags with one drag's head very close to the previous drag's end

0:26-0:36 is small buffs to the section

0:36-0:41 is multifinger thrills

0:41-0:44 is swipe spam (credits to amdm410's neo aspect)

0:46-1:07 is simple multifinger buffs and jumps and stuff

1;07-1:11 is jack practice

1:17-1:20 is simple multifinger buffs

And then..... 1:28-1:38 is ů̷̲͕t̴̮͌̏͜t̵̜̐̒e̶̢̋̀r̵͚̲͆̔ ̸̰̑̍ͅc̵͓̦̊h̵͔̥͆a̷̦͆o̴̧̳͠s̸͍̙̆ ̵̼̒̚w̵̜̠̚į̶̜͘ť̸̫̃h̴̰͊̓ ̴̩̊ẅ̶̧̭́ṭ̴̟͂̿i̷̩͌̉C̷̠̓͊e̷̻̯̍̚ ̵͖̹̈́t̵̩̂h̷͖́̕B̸̞̰̀e̶͎͌̿P̸̹̋͝M̷͇̓

and the rest of the chart is more or less normal to give the player a break.

Notably, only the last chart is for the tourney, and the second last variant exists because that last section in the octo is really painful to read and play, so I placed this combination of the harder variant, with the original ending for the more faint hearted.

I expect a max and a SSS minimally, due to how easy the chart is compared to some others (looks at tony's M1llion PP chart. I am very tempted to increase the last part's AR, huh.)


Scanline speed: 94-188 on the first 2 charts, and 94-??? on the last chart.

Good luck!

Finish date: 6 Dec 2020


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