FREEDOM DiVE(tpz Overcute Remix, short ver)

very hardLv. 14
chaoticLv. 15

中文: 众所周知FD这首歌在cytus系列和其他音游都是高难曲,所以这个铺面把一些配置的难度稍微降低了一点,打起来会比较容易。 只要玩家手速比较快,基本都能收掉这首歌。 小白头一次做铺,可能会很粪,请大佬们轻喷。 铺面预览:

English: As is known to all, FREEDOM DiVE is a very hard level in Cytus, Cytus II and other music games. So I simplify some hard patterns and put it into the chart, and the level will be easier to play. Player having a high APMcan get a full score in this level. This is my first time to make chart, the chart could be very awful. So please forgive me. chart preview video(BiliBili):


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