Psychedelic Butterfly

EXLv. 15
HardLv. 12

Been not in Cytus charting scene for 7 years. Since the standard might be different from c1 to now, I apologize for some mistakes and some no-nos I did in the charts (other than off-syncs lol).

Extreme difficulty used PCtyx's experimental layer system to utilize Cytoid's storyboard to create multiple lines for this... unique chart. Proceed with caution.

Version 2:

  • EX: Weakened/modified the second half/ending part of the chart to be more playable.
  • EX: Removed some extra notes not related to the vocal on some point of the first half.
  • Hard: Level 11 > 12


2.53 (15)
Last updated

05/12/2021, about 1 month ago