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It's been a few days since the lockdown was lifted. Everyone's here celebrating New Years, cheering around after the pandemic has come and went, among all of the various catastrophes that 2020 has brought., hoping that next years will be better.

But... there was Tony. He was never really much of a "festival" person, but he was fine just looking at the nice lights. Seeing everyone being cheerful while he sat in his home looking out the window waiting for the fireworks to come. He never had many friends... or so he thought.


"Oh, a text message..."

He picked up his phone and opened the text app he always used to frequent. It was a text message from Kayla... ugh, course it was her.

What ya doin?

She always seem to just pop up at the most fitting of times, but sometimes it you just kinda go "Really, again, you goober?", like the good kind, after seeing a friend for so long.

After a bit of in-head thinking, Tony started typing:

Kinda layin in bed rn, looking at the festival

Not gonna go to it?

I mean, I dunno, just doesn't really interest me... kinda just wanna stay home tbh

You should go :p

Of course she had to bring it up... she always tried to push him towards being more active, especially ever since he got his life back together. But... a little bit of fresh air would be nice.

Oh ffffffffffffffffffffffffine


Are you coming, by any chance?

Ehhhhhhh, Maybe :p

Of course she never have a straight answer. But, eh, no time to mull over on the details for now.

Alright... I'll see you soon, okay?


Cya :p

And with that, off Tony went to see the fireworks for the festival...


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