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What lies at the end of the gate?

Welcome back to me charting Camellia again! Ah, it's good to be back.

I admittedly was not going to chart this in the first place, but after a certain tournament chart of the same name was released that put me into a spiteful spiral, I could not help myself. The power of vitriol is terrifying.

This chart is the start of me toning down my stuff more, but still maintaining some sort of reasonable difficulty for tournament. I've started becoming a lot more interested in making stuff that's harder to read than to play, which may contribute into any of my upcoming charts down the line. I'm still going to heat things up every once in a while though, don't you worry.

The thing that amazes me is that both storyboards collectively took me less than a week to make, Hard being 2 and EX being 4. Despite this, and the fact that some bits do share the same code, I think these are, as of current, some of my best storyboarding works. It hopefully shouldn't be too laggy and it should function on most aspect ratios.

Oh wait did I forget to mention I have a guest? Why yes I did! Thank you to Bentux for providing both the background and a guest difficulty (Curiositas) for the chart! Please go check him out, he deserves all the love.

  • Extra Source Citings:
  • Most of the things you will see in both storyboards were made by me, but there are two exceptions:
  • Thank you to Bentux again for providing each individual element for the background that you see! (The rim, spokes, the actual background plate, etc.)
  • The background image that you will occasionally see in (Revelationes) is a CG from Tsukumo no Kanade ~Kaketsuki no Yasoukyoku~.

BPM: 128

There is more than meets the eye. You just need to find the light.


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Bentux [Encoder] & TonyKrZa [Decoder]


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