Can't Hide Your Love

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Hi, I was away for a week what happened-

The servers are BACK and I'm taking immediate advantage of that.

So this chart is gonna require a little bit of an explanation: This was made in PCtyx v131.02a. However, it was not made during the early 2019 era. It was in fact, late 2020, during my transition period of before my C-drag identity was fully formed. And personally? To this day I still kinda like this chart. It has some of the early elements that would form me into what I am today, and I personally am very happy that I kept chose that direction.

This was also originally made for a - now abandoned - side ARG Alternate Universe project for Cytoid named "Gyroid" that never fully came into fruition, and will most likely not be at this point. It was a shame as well - I really liked it and it gave me something to do.

This song was also - conveniently - one of the very few projects that was fully finished but was just "Unreleased" as well, so I didn't really need to do much work bringing it back from the grave. (This thing has been on my computer for 3 years even after I got my new one, so that says something.)

I also felt like uploading this to the servers when they were returning back was pretty convenient too - the entire song has this "nostalgic" vibe that isn't exactly that sort of hopeful nor dismal vibe either. And that, coupled with the breaks which do this day I still adore, makes this a track that I still enjoy even if I do feel some sort of nostalgic sadness yet hopefulness from it.

And in a way, that just... kinda describes how I feel about Cytoid. Even though the blackout was for at most a week and we recovered, that one week was - in a lot of ways - a nice breather for me. People will feel about it differently, but for me it did give me a lot of time to just, take a step back and think about what I actually wanna do here.

And by god, I still wanna make shit for this silly little website.

BPM: 200

Welcome back, Cytoid. Don't die on me this time, okay?


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