Clear Tamei

TameiLv. 14

I am back! With a more decent chart, and an obscure artist to boot!

This time, I tried to chart some IDM! It was... Well, at least I tried. It was surprisingly difficult to sync the chart and the song together coherently and making them sync properly. It was a lot of scuffing and make-do stuff, but all in all, I think the product itself didn't turn out too bad... I hope.

I'll probably not mess with some weird genre messing for a while, and leave that to someone more experienced. Probably chart something more standard-ish next time.

Do you think you can face the mysticism? If you think you can... well, have fun!

Clear Tamei / Nï stei pah lekka shi sonna kamei


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10/03/2019, almost 2 years ago