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обмороженныйLv. 15+


For the 110th Octopus Tournament - See Cytoid Discord for details


Welcome to Ice Path.

I'll probably not chart something for a tourney ever again, because me making 15+'es is like drinking hydrochloric acid.

Well guess what, since there's been a drought of tourneys lately (and also because I kinda want to refine my 15+ skills) and so I begrudgingly made... this... mess. :p

  • Compared to last time where it was 6 minutes in about a week, this is 5 minutes and 5 days, with some playtesting from me. (and before you ask, yes I know about the 2nd buildup's incorrect drum patterns, and I would fix it, but I am unfortunately too burnt out ;-;)
  • There might still be a lot of difficulty spikes/drops though, and also get ready to familiarize yourself with how I do C-Drags... :^)

BPM: 200

Walk into the frozen road and be prepared for what's about to come...


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07/04/2020, almost 3 years ago