KrZa's "Zu Bacharach am Rheine"



For the 23rd Special Tournament - See Cytoid Discord for details


And this by her song's sheer fair power, fair Lorelei has done.

You thought you've seen the last of me well NO YOU FOOL I RUN THIS PLACE-

Now I tend to not be the person who tries to jump on "the most recent thing" a lot of the times; I find that the recent output that Camellia has done wasn't to my taste, after all. But I would be lying to you if I said I dislike Camellia's recent stuff, I just personally don't find them to be chartable to me per se, lest I'm in a particular mood.

And OH BOY did this song hit me in a particular mood-

This chart is not forgiving. I repeat. NOT forgiving. I am still maintaining some sort of reasonable difficulty for the sake of the special tournaments not becoming a joke, and I've still stated that I'm now interested in making stuff that's harder to read rather than to play.

This chart aims to do both.

I am going to see how far I can push the limit of visual parsing while combing the effectively raw difficulty of my older works until one effectively overpowers the other. I wouldn't be surprised that an S on this was possible, unlike say ΩΩPARTS, but if an SSS is achieved... well, let's just say that means I need to try a little harder.

Also, yes, this is an attempt of riding off of the coattails of the ADOFAI World Cup (AKA AWC) and said Tiebreaker chart for it. (The teasers and stuff are amazing btw, HUGE props to Ssimille and the AWC Staff Team.)

BPM: 215

Are you ready for what might be one of my hardest non-long charts, period? Good luck :p


Rating 25







TonyKrZa -Sankt Goarshausen-

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