Ghost In Me

EXLv. 14

Because I'm falling apart...

Content Warning: This chart contains depictions of graphic violence, blood and gore. Please be advised if you don't feel comfortable with those sorts of stuff.

  • Would you look at that , I'm finally back, and also on a very strict deadline! Haven't gotten that in a while...
  • This is a submission for the Ignoti contest, so charting this was very much a process of what I wanted to perfect... and what I kinda left out. I also have never charted something mid-tempo before, so this might go horribly wrong :^(
  • And very, very special thanks to mbg for storyboarding and also picking this song for the submission, wouldn't have done it without him.

Storyboard art by 沼田ゾンビ

BPM: 83.5-167

Please... save me...


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06/08/2020, 6 months ago