KrZa's Distorted Dragging DissonanceLv. 15+


For the 120th Octopus Tournament - See Cytoid Discord for details


Cuz I'm bringing it back, bringing it back, uh-

That's right, guess who's back~ It's me!

  • There's been yet another tourney drought recently, so I decided to sub another one in, and with this being (another) 10x tourney I decided to pull out a project and just went "fuck-a you" to everyone again... I do that a lot :p
  • This one actually took me almost a month to finish up, even though it was only 4 minutes, partially because I took a break in the middle of making it, and also timing slowdowns and speedups are a pain good fucking lord but with the power of several groans, 0.25x and several hundred speed changes and AR adjustments later, I finally did it! :D
  • Though to say that I was "forgiving" in this chart is a lie, since with the power of midpage scanline changes and C-drags, you're going to see quite a few interesting things in this chart. Be prepared to learn the power of what I can do with C-drags...

BPM: 220 - 160

So? You gonna try against it?


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09/05/2020, almost 2 years ago