What's A Rhythm?Lv. 15+

rhythm, music, polyriddim!

Ladies and gents welcome to a thing that I have been working on for about a week now! A chart that basically trains a skillset that doesn't exist in cytoid :^)

I managed to find this by stealing from Etterna just scouring through some random songs and I stumbled across this! Was it easy to chart? Hell no, which is why you're suffering with me!

If you're someone like me who likes weird rhythms in their charts that would not make any sense from... almost any perspective, this chart might be for you! It has some... wack as shit polyrhythms all nested within together making for an experience that I would say is uh... well good luck.

If any of you can MAX this Ranked, I'll give you a dollar next time I meet you IRL, hold me on this.

BPM: 122.5 - 140 (this metric will not help you)

[ ] is the song BPM, ( ) is the time signature relative to the song BPM, the big number you see at the center is the scanline BPM.

No I didn't implement svs, you wouldn't see me for a month if I did.


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09/15/2021, about 1 month ago