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For the 44th Special Tournament - See Cytoid Discord for details


It's been a while since I did something longer than 6 minutes, huh?

This was - surprisingly - another chart that was not meant for tourney which got repurposed into tourney. You can thank a certain yeasty friend for that.

This chart is.. a lot. It has my usual C-drags, it has semi-callbacks to older charts via certain mechanics, and it has a lot of stuff that I've never really attempted up until now, so safe to say this chart is loaded with a lot of stuff that even I'm not full sure on the specifics of. Since this is - believe it or not - my 99th 15+ chart.

I've been making hard difficulty stuff like this for a long while and I've learned a LOT from it - what to do for me, and a lot of what not to do, in both storyboarding, charting, and also life in general. It's weird to say that I've almost had a hundred charts that have always been catering to the expert players, but when I look back at my catalougue, I wouldn't really have it any other way.

Sadly, something had to suffer along the way; the storyboarding for this chart is sadly a LITTLE less than ideal because I was working on a time crunch to get this released for tournament (I only spent 2 days working on this) so if any of you were expecting a really grand storyboard.. sorry I couldn't deliver for the 99th :p

But, for the penultimate chart towards the triple digits... I think this is a good warm-up to that. It gets my head back into the charting space, and after a HUNDRED of these things... after this one, I think it might be time to revisit something from the past. But for now... I hope you like what might be my longest "solo" project yet.

  • Section Splits:
  • Intro: Tonya
  • I: Tony
  • II: Tonya
  • III: Tony
  • IV: Tonya
  • V: Tony + Tonya
  • IV: Tony
  • Outro: Tonya
  • Extra Source Citings:

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Memento mori.


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