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Loathing this unclean world, seeking rebirth in the Pure Land...

No, I have not played Perfect Cherry Blossom yet. I've only played Subterranean Animism.

This is one of the best Camellia songs period, and it's a fucking Touhou remix for Sound Voltex, and also criminally short. God Camellia why is some of your best works the short ones aaaaaaaaaaa

This chart is probably the last you'll be seeing of me for a while, as life has FINALLY caught up to me and starting form April I'll probably have to be less active in Cytoid. So... I hope this does well as my "last" send-off gift.

I've decided to lean this chart more towards a direction I haven't really attempted before: A rapid-fire barrage with barely anything resembling a break, sorta leaning towards Stamina but realistically a lot more Technical than Stamina. Reading will be a challenge, but I'm also asking you to keep up with the pace. Don't slip up~!

ALSO, I'd just like to say that DESPITE the fact that everyone probably knows this background from osu and also probably know it as Yuyuko before she died,I took the liberty of shoving both Youmu and Yuyuko in the same chart because I feel like it'd pace itself better, as Youmu also shows up in Stage 6 as well, albeit briefly. Plus how in the netherworld do I represent her abilities in a Cytoid storyboard.

This is also the one time where I'd recommend you turn your Storyboard Effects On for the full package. The chart will still do perfectly fine without it, but the extra flair and detail won't be there and you may come out with slightly less than what you've hoped for. I played a lot more with gradients and controllers this time around, so this is why I ask you to consider turning it on for at least one play to experience it all.

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Let me die in spring beneath the blossoms at Kisaragi's full moon.


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