AevumLv. 14

One hour. We have one hour.

I wish that smile in your eyes could last an eternity. We stare at each other in mutual adoration.

A silence lingers between us; we speak through it. I love you, but what should I say?

Nothing. I want to get lost in you, enter this reality we crafted and stay forever. We will not care about anyone else then.

One hour. Will it be enough?

No. This is a life worth living.

I hate needing you so much...

~ Plasma888 x BentuxTheCow ~

Plasma: This was a real challenge to chart, with its expressive rubato and jarring glitches, but I’m so glad that we managed to produce a chart which reflected these musical qualities and did some justice to a song which, were it not for the influence of TikTok and edgy animation videos, could be seen for what it truly is: a work of art. (P.S. Bentux is lying. He did loads of work)

Bentux: The title, "Kiss Me" is brutally laconic, but oh so animalistic, expressive, natural. Beneath every person's artificial sculpted shell is a beautiful heart of flesh. The fact that the reputation of the song had been soiled did not change our goal; to chart as best we could. Ignore the laughable noble notions of redemption. I hope you enjoy the song as it stands. (P.S. Plasma is lying. He basically charted most of the song)


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