The Solace of Oblivion

EXLv. 15+

Please play with the offset 0.08 higher than usual.

This chart is inspired by Transform (Original Mix) by Luna:

Warning: This chart contains the following abnormal pattern:

  • Deceiving drag patterns
  • (pseudo) single drag note
  • Overpage drags
  • Fully overpage horizontal + vertical drags
  • Instant holds
  • Overpage holds
  • All types of notes overlapping
    • Instant hold overlapped by a click: nearly unplayable in Cytoid, however totally fine in Cytus
  • Notes hiding: Notes in next page covered by the notes in the previous page
  • Extremely deceiving note patterns
  • Forced awkward hand position or hand position swap
  • Notes outside of the screen

This chart somehow breaks the game. Play at your own risk (((

Artist: Helblinde Illustrator: Shilin

Disclaimer: I do not own the music or the background. I only create the chart. Credits to the creators are as above.


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07/22/2018, over 2 years ago