Lost Princess (short size)

KokkoroLv. 3
PecorineLv. 12
KyaruLv. 7

Hi! It's Rabpet. This is my 17th chart. Also, this is my first storyboard chart!

ATTENTION: This chart includes C-Drags, so please play with Cytoid 2.0. Thank you for your cooperation!

This song is the theme song of mobile game Princess Connect Re: dive.

Yes, this game is very popular nowadays. However, even though I am dying to play, I have no time to spend on it... Thus, I have to watch the anime.

Among three characters from Gourmet Edifice, Kyaru is my best favourite character, although she served for Kaiser Insight, she still helped her friends out of trouble. She is responsible, cute and proud. In the last eposide, when she knew Pecorine's life, she challenged the shadow alone, for no reasons. Above all, Kyaru has a lot of characteristics, that's why I am fond of her.

"Lost Princess -Garnished With Smiles-"
(ロストプリンセス 〜皆の笑顔を添えて〜)

"Now, the new adventure has begun!"

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Hope everyone enjoy it!


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