Mirage Age

Marmalade butcher
Fata MorganaLv. 15+
avatarWanderer Zariq

so this was my second favorite mb song after in lacrimis but after i charted xxxphobia this is my third favorite now

fun fact, the only version of this song available anywhere is the cut version from pop'n. konami has the rights to it so any digital version of mirage age has disappeared from streaming services. this was very fun to discover when i found out i downloaded the aac version of this from ototoy, went to download the flac, saw it got unlisted, saw mirage age on the track list of onomatomani[a]kus, and bought the digital version immediately on release, and found out it was missing there too :))))))

luckily i have the physical version now because i'm the world's biggest mb simp


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01/04/2023, 3 months ago