Charting Contest #10 - Epic

The tenth Cytoid Charting Contest (not to be confused for Epic Games and Fortnite)

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06/02/2020, almost 4 years ago

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02/22/2019, about 5 years ago

It’s our tenth charting contest! As a celebration, there are (almost) no restrictions:

  1. No song/genre restrictions.
  2. One level only, at least one difficulty (exception in the other two rules below this sentence)
  3. YOU ARE FINALLY ABLE TO COLLAB WITH ANOTHER CHARTER! Please note that if you do decide to be a part of a collaboration, a collab level counts as one level for each charter involved. In addition, you may not partner with a featured charter if you are one yourself.
  4. If you do decide to collab with another charter, you are alloted one extra non-collab level, so find someone to kick ass with!

It's going to be an epic battle with these very loose restrictions so go all out!

Note: Entering incorrect metadata for a level will be penalized. Make sure you get the sources right! If you want examples, look in the "Keep in Mind" section.

To enter:

※Submit your level onto with the tag: “epic contest”. If submitting as part of a collaboration, make sure to include each member's name in the charters section.


Format: C1 or C2 charts allowed; Storyboard allowed. Collaboration allowed up to two charters per team (A team cannot be two featured charters). Number of levels to submit: One level only (Extra: One Collab Level); one to three difficulties. Genre(s): Any Special requirements: None Contest length: February 24, 8:00AM GMT to March 31, 7:59AM GMT

Keep in mind:

  • You cannot submit an old level that was uploaded before the contest's start date, unless you ask a mod for permission and significantly rechart it.
  • Entering incorrect metadata for a level will be penalized. Examples of incorrect metadata are: * Misspelling anything (but in a sense everything else is correct) * Incorrect artist/song source/cover artist/cover source (in metadata and/or description) * Incorrect or irrelevant tags *
  • You may not make any changes to your level during the voting period, unless it is a bug fix. Inform a mod if you need to make any emergency changes.
  • ***If collaboration is allowed: *** * A collab consists of only charters or storyboarders. Making a cover art or composing a song does not qualify as a collaborator. * The collaborators cannot be with two or more featured charters. * A collaboration counts as a level for each of the involved charters. * A collaboration may count as the following, depending on the amount of participants allowed: * Two charters * One charter and one storyboarder * One charter, one charter who is also storyboarding.

There are other possible combinations so if you are not sure, consult with a mod.

  • Mods have the right to change any details about the contest, and the right to disqualify any level(s), and we will announce it via our Discord Server.
  • If you have any other questions, you can join our Discord Server and ask for help.


Voting form will be available from March 31, 8:00AM GMT to April 15, 7:59AM GMT. (Due to overlapping with our “Spring into Cytoid 2.O” event, the voting form will be extended to accommodate this.)

Due to the immense amount of levels, the voting form is split in two. You need to fill both forms for your votes to count, and voting period is extended to 15 days.

Form A: Form B:

Download all the charts featured in the contest: (When the voting form is up)