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Hello. My name is Fizzest, and I am a storyboarder and moderator here on I am also a member of Hakase Squad.

If you would like to contact me on discord, my discord id is: Fizzest#3806

Finished Projects

[Fizzest] Magnolia [Fizzest] Zen Zen Zense [hkst] Asymmetry [Luna Flina] Rail Romanesque

In Progress Projects

[gfsd] Dokkin Summer Adventure

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Makes the game.

Welcome to Cytoid!

Play Intro in ranked mode.

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Attain the perfect score on any level.

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Attain a score of 999000+ on any level.

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Get 1000 combo on any level.


Reach 100 ranked plays.


Reach 500 ranked plays.


Reach 1000 ranked plays.